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[ENG] 요즘 줄서서 산다는 쪼리들 다 파헤쳐봤어요ㅣ토앤토, 포르, 뉴발ㅣ사이즈비교 Exploring Flip Flops that Everyone WantsㅣSize Guide

안녕 채소들 정안언니예요

요즘 핫한 쪼리들이 그렇게 줄을 섰다면서요??!
그래서 핫한 저도 그 줄에 합류하여..

겨우겨우 구해왔습니다!!
열심히 비교 분석해보았으니
영상 잘보시고 원하시는 쪼리 겟하세요!

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Youtube channel "freeticon" : https://www.youtube.com/c/Freeticon

The bibi’s books - Flip Flop ! by Dana Meachen Rau

アロハ!The bibi’s booksでは、


The bibi’s books is a read aloud video composed by a 10-year-old girl reaching out to younger children
to encourage them to read. With the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, the world has had many changes to our way of living. Home isolation is one of them and you can share the bibi’s books video with your children while at home. May all the world return to peaceful days soon and may this be an awakening to everyone as to what is really important to us in this world. We hope it will be helpful to enjoy the bibi’s books reading aloud video to your children. Thank you to you and your loved ones and be safe.
Stay home!

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Your Guide to Flip™ Flops for 2021

The Flips that won’t flop! Watch as we breakdown our entire range of Chaco Flips. The Lowdown Flip,™ The Classic Flip,™ and The Chillos Flip.™ All of our flip flops feature our gender specific patented APMA-accepted LUVSEAT footbed, for maximum support and comfort.

The Chillos Flip™...for the fun, lightweight, casual vibe.
The Lowdown Flip™...for the versatility and lightweight fit.
The Classic Flip™...for the durability and full-rubber outsole.

Each Flip™ design features a unique set of outsoles for traction and grip. Our Flips are lightweight and adventure-ready, making them easy to wear all day long, or to take on the go. No matter what kind of flip flop you're looking for, Chaco has a flip flop fit for you!

Find the entire Flip™ family at:

Classic Flip™ Women: http://bit.ly/Classicflip-womens

Classic Flip™ Men: http://bit.ly/Classicflip-mens

Classic Leather Flip™ Women: http://bit.ly/Classicflip_leather_womens

Classic Leather Flip™ Men: http://bit.ly/Classicflip_leather_mens

Chillos Flip™ Men: http://bit.ly/ChillosFlip-mens

Chillos Flip™ Women: http://bit.ly/ChillosFlip-womens

Lowdown Flip™: http://bit.ly/Lowdown-Flip

Follow us:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chacofootwear/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chaco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chacousa

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